Ciji was instrumental in building the design capability of DocuCentre’s St. Vincent Street branch. Her creative designs and dedication to service attracted new business and resulted in repeat work over the years. In addition, her contributions became an important part of the company’s branding. Through her participation in these projects, she designed new products, produced jobs to the satisfaction of her customers, created advertisements for social media, and in-store promotions as well as marketing collateral.

Ciji is a talented, reliable performer and a strong team-player

Dale Laughlin 

Business and Leadership Coach

Former General Manager of The Docucentre Limited

and Managing Director of TSL ltd.

I was immensely pleased with her level of talent and creativity her diligent efforts and willingness to work on any project.

Our clients were impressed with her range of knowledge, her ability to meet tight deadlines and the excellent quality of her work. 

Denise DeLas

Former General Manager Docucentre Limited

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