How are you helping your clients relax and trust your advice

when you begin working with them?


When I first spoke with Timisha, she expressed desire to have specific control over the type of catering jobs she took, and also wanted to be able to take orders through her website.

Despite getting bigger catering jobs she didn't want, many of her clients also came to her stressed and reluctant to take her advice when planning their menus.

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Branding services in Trinidad


When you're stuck with a task you don't particularly enjoy doing, it can definitely drive you nuts! Her clients weren't inherently defiant, it's the situation that made them behave that way. They're planning an event and got a million things to do, and Timisha was experiencing what it's like to be without a way to deal with those emotions.

But, by addressing those needs upfront she is able to hold their hands through the menu planning process without any further gray hairs.

MotivateHER Kitchen

Founder Timisha Baird

Contact: 1 868 759-6735 

Branding services in Trinidad
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