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What's A Cock N Bull Story,
And What's It Got To Do With

A One-Page Website?

Cock n bull stories are life-sucking sayings floating around your industry that hold you back from making any impact online, that also makes it impossible for you to attain any liberties you would expect from self-employment.


Whether it's working with a certain type of client, speaking about or executing your services in an unorthodox way, charging for those services despite being a start-up in business, or refusing to be at the beck and call of a client, cock n' bull stories always present some dotish reasoning behind why none of those things can be done.


One-Page websites are for local founders who question why that is because they want to be seen as 'The Boss' of their business and know you can't achieve that if you're fearful of doing things bosses do.


Real bosses determine where the boundary lines are by rewriting the rules!
They're not defined by the fears and limitations of others. I create One-Page websites for those people. No Cock, No Bull!

Don't Allow The Birds
To Build Their Nests In Your Head.

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The Mystery Of The Language.

According to scientific research, the average person can only retain 150 meaningful connections. That magnifies how important it is to drop anything that can hinder the value you provide from being understood by those you work best with.


Quit Putting The Cart Before The Horse.

That type of visibility is the least of your problems if you don't know what you're really selling, and can't speak about it without someone thinking they could get it somewhere else!

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly


Save yourself the headache with a process that simultaneously avoid's the bull, but easily onboards the perfect client to begin working with you!


Screw That, And Get Paid Anyway!

You're not for de marish n' de parish. Respect that by focusing on the people who pay for what you bring to the table!


Get Online In One Day With The One-Page!

You're anxious to get online in a digital age. Whoever can't do anything in a day these days isn't operating at full potential!



time to hear it from the horses mouth

Timisha Prosper Baird

Sep 13th, 2019

"Having my own website was something I wanted for some time now, but was not sure how to go about it. TheBrandTUB made it easy.


I've always been told that building a website was tedious. But, TheBrandTUB changed my expectation of A LOT of work. The process was so smooth. Super sweet person, whom I would highly recommend and would surely work with again!"


Founder: Timisha Baird


Claudan Mayers

Jan 8th, 2021

"Working with TheBrandTUB was refreshing in that the level of professionalism was second to none from the initial call with the lead designer Ciji, who introduced her self modestly but has a wealth of knowledge on more than just building a website, just in that first call.

Working with her was good as she listened to my needs and what my brand is about to mold the site to embody the companies values and a bit of my personality, she also made the process seem really simple with just one zoom meeting to collect info and evaluate the brand and me as a client, she was spot on with what we wanted.


We hired TheBrandTUB to develop our website to help bring credibility to our brand and she translated that and so much more when we reviewed the page. Thank you again for the amazing website you did for us."


CEO: Claudan Mayers


Rashidah Vire

March 16th, 2019

"Working with TheBrandTUB on my business's one page website was the best decision I made for my company in 2019!

Due to the unique nature of our business finding people to understand what we do and how we think has always been difficult.

No so with Ciji, the entire process was so awesome that I wish I had more websites to build 🤣

She went above and beyond to not only learn about the business but also about the entire industry, her research is detailed and impeccable.

I truly felt like my business and brand was highlighted in a way I didn't even know it could be.

This was not a website that was just thrown together with some pretty visuals, Ciji considered who my customers were and how they would use the site and chose the most perfect interface for them and us.

And don't get me started on the writing. After reviewing the website even I wanted to get my product, the words chosen crafted the ideal story of our brand and product.

I have not regretted for one minute working with TheBrandTub!

If you want to establish your brand's online presence, do it the right way...The One Page Way!"

The Red Bushing Man

Founder: Rashidah Vire


Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

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