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Getting Ready For Your Expert Debut What You Need To Consider

“To Teach or Not To Teach?…That Is The Question”

Of late I’ve been noticing the use of the word expertise amongst the local small business community and I get it, everyone wants to stake their claim on the word for the hour. But, I believe in order for someone to have real claim on this word and not a mere intellectual acquaintance with it, they first need to embody or epitomize all that it is.

You don’t alter expertise to fit you, you alter yourself to fit it.

The reason for this, it makes credibility recognizable in the mind of the customer therefore significantly boosting your visibility in the online world. Sure, knowledge and experience are a given when you operate in any position (see here), but having a proven process in place that is simple, makes working with you easier for the client to understand and the more it’s done, you get to strengthen each area that comprises your expertise and improve their experience through the things you’ve learned. Expertise, like everything else in this world has its own DNA-print.

This construct of expertise isn’t just beneficial to the client; it’s also a huge measuring stick for a business owner working towards expert status. You can instantly identify where you are and where you need to be and start actively working towards getting there.

Experts can’t be understood by the mind of a service provider.

They can appear complicated and shrouded in mystery because of the unique way they share their value with the world, but experts typically help their clients apply solutions. They don’t waste time performing meagre tasks that’s of no value to their clients. So it goes without saying that understanding what their clients need from them is vital to actually being able to connect with them.

The neurosurgeon that’s going to operate on your tumor isn’t trying to cram seven years of neurology school into your brain. They are more focused on your health going into surgery and helping you understand pre-op, the steps which will be taken in order to successfully remove your tumor.

I know it sounds simple enough to understand, but with misconceptions like “mastering a skill means you should teach”, you gotta wonder if the people saying these things are cognizant of what their clients really need from them. This is really important to understand. Your only goal, as a small service business owner should be to do things that make sense for your brand.

I’m certainly not trying to teach anyone to build a website. And quite frankly, why should I! Are my clients truly looking to learn how to build a website? No! They’re focused on building notoriety online around their area of expertise, AS THEY SHOULD BE! It’s my job to capture who they are and express it visually. If I misread the signs and a client is really looking to learn web-design, then they have come to the wrong place. There are many schools offering web-design courses, why try to reach the few who “feel” I should “teach” when there are clients clearly willing to pay for what I do provide: Marketing basics, when you try to speak to everyone, you talk to no one.

We’re all created to think and operate on a level according to the role and function we’re designed for.

This slick way to try to “brain rape” what someone knows to satisfy your ego, so you can say, “I do this too” is sad at best. Because, if after you’ve acquired all this knowledge and attention for yourself and when it comes down to strategizing, you’re mis-locating things and ill-advising potential clients. In other words, you’re malfunctioning. It’s like trying to convert a Winchester rifle into a Weatherby magnum but it cannot take the pressure because it wasn’t originally built to handle that kind of pressure and it will eventually blow up in your face. So, instead of trying to be a Weatherby magnum when you are a Winchester rifle, acquire some humility by accepting what you are and don’t be ashamed to offer that to your clients. Because the truth is, it’s a big waste of time trying to live where you’re not called to operate.

The secret is out! Those who are genuinely operating within their capacity to help their clients are zeroed to understanding who they are and representing that online.

And I know it’s the Trini way to “fake it until yuh make it”, but you’re selling yourself short doing things that way. All the value you need to fit the mold of expert is found in being honest about what you know and where you’re at, so you can work towards where you need to be; not where someone else is.

I am the Founder and Visual Brand Strategist at The BrandTUB

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