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Am I Not Your Type?


Choosing the right type for your visual branding is all about making sure that it helps to convey your message as well as create an impressive design but very few Trinidad designers actually consider the importance of this. Some randomly base their selection on a whim without paying attention to details like the personality of the type and how well it matches the story..

How Do Tell A Simple Story Using Typography

By adding differentiation through value, size, weight, and color you can create a very compelling narrative for your visual brand designs.

Case in point: “The Cat That Was Afraid of the Bat”

My company was hired to visually illustrate the story of this book. After reading it, my evaluation of the main character was, he’s very paranoid. And from this conclusion, I began building my illustrations. By understanding what we’re attempting to communicate, we stand a better chance visually punctuating the messages we send with type. But uhh, before we go any further, let’s clear the room of a lingering misunderstanding. When I say type, I don’t mean font. Typeface is a particular design of type while fonts are the subdivisions within a typeface — italic, bold, etc.

When we use typography in design, it often acts as a visual aid to the story being told. We see this illustrated all the time in movies and if it’s well executed, it will create a memorable experience for the viewer. With the book mentioned above, there was one reader (an adult) who wrote expressing that the cover illustration alone was the impetus for actually reading the book.

The ability to attract the clients you want and possibly even win over a few you didn’t bargain for with a visual brand design, has a lot to do with the designer’s understanding of the goal of the client and the brand. In this case, the author was unknown with a brand for 8 year olds who depend on their parents to make purchases (not counting the minority with allowances). So in order to make his book stand out to both parents and child, I had to find a way to appeal to the child in the parents to prevent them from possibly saying things like, “don’t you have books which looks just like that at home?” Considering that most children’s books in Trinidad are created around bright, cheerful pictures, the path of least resistance was strategically clear. But what about all the parents that will be turned away by the art direction of this type of book?

Great question!

A Method To The Madness

When you’re a small service business, your methods of getting seen quickly, greatly varies from that of larger brands mainly because of capital.. Small Service Business Owners need to get as much done in the most effective way, with the little they have vs. CEO’s of larger companies who have bigger budgets to bet on. So it’s important to note that you’re not attempting to reach everyone. Only those energized by your brand. That being said, unless you’re willing to gamble on the possibly that you “might” see some return on your investment with a more generic design, leveraging your "weaknesses" as your strengths is the most effective way to build the awareness you’re looking for faster as a small service business owner.

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