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How To Stand Out From The Crowd, And Not Be Viewed As The Competition

It’s hard to be heard when you’re all singing the same song

I know it seems overwhelming “trying to run a small business and simultaneously keep yourself motivated”, but the truth is, you shouldn’t be providing a service you don’t like. Moreover, if you want that service to standout, and not be deemed “a threat”or the competition, it needs to have two specific characteristics: specification and differentiation.

A lot of founders on the service scene want the result without the methodology and their narrowmindedness would sometimes hinder understanding another person’s success, but there is just no getting around specializing if you wish to be disqualified as the competition. Specializingmakes differentiation attainable; they go together and once you’re in a group that offers the same thing, you’ll always be a threat without them.

For example: If two wells both give their water to quench thirst, they are most likely to share the same users. But, if one supplies “Living Water” to end thirst, by definition something different is clearly being offered, but that message will automatically become a beacon only for those with a specific thirst to hone in on and be a partaker of. It’s simple logic. Similarly, my counterparts, despite sharing the same industry, isn’t and shouldn’t be perturbed by the service I provide, since we each have a different focus and position in the local market that is based on the needs of those we serve.

In the beginning, just simply penetrating the awareness of people with what I initially offered was hard because there was nothing special about it. But that all changed the moment I pivoted to The One-Page. Founders with specific things in common began noticing a change of the beat in the symphony; no longer were they subjected to pay for something they didn’t necessarily need just to get online. I also began devoting more time to focus on more of what made me different. For example, I learned how much I disagree with the cock-n-bull stories designers spin about building websites. I am also not an advocate for offering balance parcels when you run a small business.

And although these talking points (to name a few) may seem controversial or even small, they’ve helped me attract some of my best clients. It has inspired people to choose me over working with someone else, and it has also encouraged them to refer me to others they felt would be my type of client.

My point is, being authentically you is also a part of standing out, secretly, people have a desire to be themselves, but with so many antiquated sayings floating around, everybody sounds the same. So it’s very important to infuse your style into what you do. It will be scary at first but it will be easy to disregard such a short-lived distraction because you’ll be focused on making your business standout without being competitive.

I am the Founder and Visual Brand Strategist at The BrandTUB

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