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Real Brand Value & What it Means To Share it

As business owners, we should all be seeking to become red beryls to our clients!

There was once a young man who met and fell in love with a beautiful, young woman. But on what was to be their wedding night, the young man discovered that his father-in-law had played an evil trick on him, by giving him his bride-to-be’s eldest sister to wed instead.

Upon inquiry, a new arrangement was made. He would be free to wed her after another 7 years and 7 days working for him in a faraway land. Naturally, because of his love for her, the young man waited approximately 14 years and one week for the love of his life.

The Two Characteristics Of Real Value R+W=B

You’ve probably heard of or used the phrase “like a rare gem” before, expressing how scarce something of worth is. It is understood that something of worth is considered valuable and through this, we are able to connect real value to something rare. It’s why someone can invest the time to wait for a particular opportunity with greater expectations despite how long it takes. And this behavior sits at the center of every profitable brand.

The science behind it is that our minds tend to place greater value on the things that aren’t immediately accessible to us; making the process of possibly leading up to the actual accomplishment even more worth it. The term for this strategy in the business world is called supply and demand. The less available someone is to us the more we want their time. These are the moving parts that help us do the actual positioning of the value of a person like Beyonce or business such as Apple in our minds.

Value In A Brand

All brands strive to have something noteworthy about them, so they can stand out in the marketplace. Not doing so, makes you appear as nothing special to the customer, average, generic. Most customers buy things for the experience of feeling like they’re in an elite class of people who has something no one else has. This also explains pricing. When we get here, only very serious customers actually invest.

So, if your value is connected to what makes your brand stand out, wouldn’t it make sense when we share the value of our brand, that it would be the thing that makes us distinct from everyone else in our industry? The reason some service businesses aren’t able to successfully do this is because they haven’t taken the time to isolate what their value really is from the situation their clients are in when they need them.

I’ve seen some reduce the conversation of sharing value to the methods one can use when doing so, but never actually saying what is value in a brand. If I can find it on Google, it doesn’t count as real value from your brand.

You’re nothing without it!

When it becomes apparent to prospects that your business has nothing of value to offer them or no differentiative factor they can easily place their finger on, you can kiss referrals goodbye since value is a necessary part of creating a referable brand. And in the off chance you do offer something, it’s going to be a hard sell if your smoking gun is made up of a premium price only . How else would you explain offering something costing $30,000 for $300.00?

The great news is this can all be avoided with a focused brand and a clear message. Sometimes, the simplest things make all the difference. A client of mine struck gold in her brand when I was able to clearly isolate where she could be the most disruptive in her industry. So many things fell into place for her on account of this pivotal moment. Now, I’m constantly waking up to phone calls of how much more effective her messaging is because of this revelation. It literally made her lead product more attractive almost overnight.

It’s truly a fulfilling feeling being able to use what you love to do to help other people do what they love doing. If you’re reading this article and some of what I’m saying isn’t resonating with you, scheduling a quick 15-minutes call with me can put your concerns to rest. If however, it does resonate with you, then this can be your opportunity to turn things around in your business via these two options.

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