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You're NOT a Plagiarist, You're a #SlickRicky

What is authenticity to you? Is it being yourself (original)? And what does that mean? Are you someone who’s interested in sharing their unique perspective on a particular industry or widely known topic through the content you create? Or, do you prefer the “micro-fame” of generic content?

When I began writing content for The BrandTUB on September 9th 2017, two things went through my mind: 1. I’m not a writer! and 2. How will I know what’s appropriate for me to write? As time passed, I was able to track and isolate what works in my branding and that gives the content I write, focus. Example, I’m known for One Page Websites; this is what I sell. Therefore, it’s logical to structure the articles (content) I write around that specific area (not just One Page Websites). Unfortunately, there aren’t many local service-based business owners capitalizing on sweating the small stuff.

>>>Fast forward to August 29th 2018 when a request was made for an article I wrote entitled ‘The Ripple Effects Of Not Putting Your Prices On Your Website’ to be featured on a publication by Data-Driven Investor on Medium. Furthermore, I was also asked to be a writer on their blog. What made my article authentic? The information shared was from my perspective and personal experience, which made the topic fresh for the reader to take in. Simultaneously, there are those who struggle to create content with that nuance of authenticity and interest (whom I refer to as Slick Rickies) because their goals and their situation are different.

Easily enthused by generic content, Slick Rickies are all about building authority on old news, which is in perfect alignment with the kind of customers who aren’t interested to research and, as a result, end up paying for information they can freely acquire online. It’s an ideal situation for both parties, but to me, this type of regurgitative brand also indicates that you’re uncertain of where your value (if there is any) is positioned, so you have to rehash content to compensate for your lack of focus and although you might just make money, doing this puts you in a position to constantly have to beg for a sale because there is no middle ground that demonstrates where your value lies.

That being said, there is a way for you to create effective content that can put an end to your days as a Slick Ricky. It starts by renewing the way you think about content. It’s common knowledge that content plays an important part in attracting clients to the service you provide. But, did you know that the content you create is also an expression of your brand? What are you known for? Figuring this out together with the points listed below, can help you create content that stands out. Just ask yourself:

  • How is this info entertaining? This is something I wasn’t mindful of when I first began blogging and it made my writing a bit bland. So, with the aforementioned article, I tried to sweeten my point of view with interesting stories to make the advice shared more digestible.

  • Am I staying true to my brand? In Spite of the objective mentioned above, I wasn’t prepared to prostitute my point of view. Have you ever read something and wondered “where is the point?” It was very important for me to highlight the value branding adds to any area of your business and how local small service business owners take it for granted and end up with problems that will hurt their business in the long run.

  • What’s next? Not that you need to literally create a billboard that says “CLICK HERE” or “BUY FROM ME” but what happens after you get the reader's interest. This is part two of creating effective, engaging content, having a clear, effective way to turn your traffic into business. You can be artistic in the way you coax this or as bold as you want to, but the point is, it’s important to have a bottom line in the content you create, else what’s the point of creating content in the first place.

Have you ever heard the saying “everything has been said before”? Well everything hasn’t been said before. Simply because, we’re still waiting on your part. There is always room for focused, authentic, creative content. What there is no room for is run-of-the-mill content. Why? Think of generic content as small pools of luck that are doomed to dry up. All those programs and events created around them, suck all your time to create, but never give you the returns you really seek, like authority and visibility. That’s because, it’s impossible to own something that everyone already has. So, the investment, is more of a liability than an asset.

At the same time, you can change the conversation around a popular topic creating content that can provide a never ending flow of benefits for you and your clients. That’s an asset. And yes, it’s hard work, but if you start now you’ll be ahead of everyone else whose contented singing that song.

I am the Founder and Visual Brand Strategist at The BrandTUB

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