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Something Greater Than Social Media Is Here!

Updated: May 27

“Man these people need help!”

The angle of this article is going to take a different slant. To some, it may even seem weird. But, I promise you, what I’m about to say, you’ll be able to relate to it, hopefully in more ways than just this one.

For a while, I’ve been observing a very forceful behavior directed at local business owners, who prefer the “comfort” of social media over investing in a website. “I admire this method of approach!” Says nobody ever, who’s been on the receiving end of being forced to do something against their will. Possibly because it feels like someone’s trying to gain access by jumping through your window after being turned away at the door. Acknowledgment of a problem, being open towards receiving assistance and recognition of the source of that help is the foundation true help is built upon. Outside of this, one can easily go probing at a situation under the banner of “help” with the wrong key.

This isn’t a time to be unconscious and unskilled when there are people held captive by their own concepts. Rather, we want to be alert about the objective and precise about the approach, so we can have the right expectations.

So why the hell NOT social media?!

For those hung up on social media, you have a wrong concept of what it means to have a website for your business. You consider it more of a liability than an asset

(I spoke about why that is, here). Within context, you can be absolutely right. No clear voice, focus, messaging or what makes you better than your “so called” competition will make your investment a complete waste of time! But this isn’t your focus. Your thoughts reside more around, the numerous costs attached like domain, hosting, design, business email, updates, and more. But, being conscious of needing an online presence to keep up with this digital age, you swap investing in a website with social media. Not discerning that you’ve technically decided to become a squatter.

Okay, yes, these platforms allow you to use them for free, but, the reality of the arrangement is, you’re setting up shop in someone else’s store minus documentation of any real ownership or rights. How else would you explain the ability to wipe out an account without liability? And because you’re not paying for any consideration or security, a sitting duck is what you are if Facebook changed their algorithm or Instagram has decided that you were breaking some rule of theirs that you will always be oblivious of since no one ever reads the contract.

Wouldn’t you rather build on property that belongs to you?

This is the advantage of owning a website for your business vs having a social media page. You’re investing in the deed to your online property. And while you wrap your mind around that, try to see your social media presence like a marketing arm of your business. Use it to drive traffic towards your website for specific reasons, instead of an option in place of a website. We’ve all learned of the horrors of business owners who’ve lost followers and even business because their social media accounts got deleted by those truly in charge of the platform. Yet, many local business owners are still unperturbed by this news. And why shouldn’t they be?

There is a huge difference between feeling like you’re being conversed with vs spoken at. No one is truly targeting this group. Instead, they are being treated like the stepchild you’re forced to love: They are always in the way, and there are always a bunch of ‘whys’ concerning them that’s ‘conveniently’ never answered. But that’s where the real work comes in, becoming acquainted with the client’s needs and truly meeting them (if you can). And for this very reason, having clarity is overpowered by force.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting social media as a professional web presence. I’m saying, this opportunity is ripe for specializing, but only if you’re willing to go deeper than the surface.

A note to the perpetrators of the forceful behavior:

You’ve got to have teeth to make a bite impression; your gum could never leave an impressionable mark.

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