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The REAL Reason Why You Don’t Have A Website

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How Well Can You Spot Opportunity?

Based on a discussion that occured recently, the profitability of a website for a small business owner was raised since selling online in Trinidad and Tobago isn’t very popular. And in light of this, some share the view that unless things change, they don’t see an immediate need for one.

I believe we must see challenges as opportunities for we ourselves to usher in the change we seek. The leg work has already been done with companies like Wipay and Buzzpay taking the initiative to provide small businesses with the opportunity to sell online. So what if local businesses are slow on the draw or consumers can’t get past social media? What are you doing with the opportunity to get out of that rut?

Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group Jack Ma said, “If you want to be successful, learn from people’s mistakes not their success stories. It took China’s small business owners approximately 5 years after the public was granted use of the internet in 1995 to adjust themselves to the idea of selling online. We didn’t get it right the first time, because certain things about our brand wasn’t in place. But, the profitability of the internet for small business owners in China, was about understanding where the internet was leading us, and being proactive about that instead of reactive.

A lot of small business owners desired to have a wider reach to make more money, but wasn't able to travel, and the internet was a unique opportunity to solve that problem. At the time, however, there wasn't any research to support that investing meant more sales, since the internet was so young, and the people needed to be educated, therefore, no one shared the vision.

But if everyone believes in something, forget about it, that’s not your opportunity to stand out.

Today, Alibaba Group has enabled over 10 million small business owners to buy and sell online from China to over 320 million people around the world.” - Jack Ma.

That’s pretty impressive, until a few years ago, I was oblivious of this company’s existence and it made me realize just how possible it was to be virtually unknown in some circles, yet highly valuable,  profitable and visible in others. Which brings me to my subject of the real reason those this article will resonate with is without a website.

No one wants a financial burden and a website will feel like one if it’s falling short of your monetizing efforts. Making money from your website at the very least, starts with clarity on the value you provide and your ability to clearly communicate that to the people you intend to serve. Yes, it’s also attached to being able to conduct online transactions, but even that will hold no water if no one cares about what you’re selling.

Someone from Texas contacted me recently on instagram for a One-Page Website because it’s what they wanted but wasn’t sure if they would find a business offering that service, then my page popped up.  Last week I got three new clients all for The One-Page, sure I do other things, but I’m also aware of what brings me clients and that makes owning a website not so scary for me and it can be for you too, if you focus on the right things.

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