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This One Thing Can Teach Us A Lot About The Foundation Of Service

Do you have someone you look up to? Have you ever considered why you admire them?

Last Sunday while listening to my pastor speak on responsibility, I recognised he has an uncanny ability to really inspire you to deal with the things you’re faced with. Whether you agree or disagree with his point of view, it’s hard to disregard his conviction concerning the things he says.

Foremost, he always speaks with a visible, effortless measure of inspiration that seems to flow out of his personal experiences and triumphs onward to one goal leaving the listener feeling like they can make that their personal possession as well! Using content from the bible as the lens for the listener to view their experiences through, he transports your soul into a world where the impossible is made possible. And to accentuate the equity of his message, he takes things an octave higher by displaying the results of others in similar positions, sometimes even worse who benefited from what he has to offer.

It is this ability to speak to the part of your audience that was once you and inspire them by showing them what they can achieve because you achieved it, and demonstrate through others like them your ability to achieve results with the service you provide; basically get them to see themselves in the picture your brand is painting about them stimulates the investment you’re seeking. This is why authenticity is so important because…

“You can’t convince people of a preposterous thing” Maria Callas

If there is nothing substantial to back what you’re offering, how do you generate the inspiration needed to get the people to believe and invest in what you’re selling? You certainly don’t wield it from thin air, it’s found on the road map of your experiences through hardships towards your victories, and that is what fuels the things you say, and the evidence of that, creates an atmosphere of motivation for people to seek you out, and hire you as the vehicle to take them from where they are to where they want to be.

What is the service you provide designed to achieve? Are you interested in helping your clients face certain challenges associated with their situation? How are they supposed to know when they are moving successfully past those hindrances? What are the road signs? How do you demonstrate your revelation on their struggle? How deep is it? Is it just about the money?

“A foundation speaks of a basis upon which a hope can be built” Vin Dayal

Therefore, the success of providing a service, rests on how well you can use your experiences as a stepping stone for others. This is why The One-Page was created and why it focuses on the client’s approach online; the overall story and goal of the service you provide must be understood first, in order for it to penetrate the awareness of the end-user and motivate them to take specific action.

I can’t say it enough, it’s the norm to invest in an entire website if you want to get online, which isn’t necessary for everyone. So, I had to rethink the positioning of what I was offering to meet the need of small business owners wanting to get online without the large commitment to do so. No one was addressing this locally, but it’s the very thing that started getting me referrals. I would often hear clients say “I told (blank) you do One-Page Websites, and if they wanted to get online they can start there, and gradually expand” — that’s the experience they valued, and recreating that experience for my clients clients; where they‘re excited and motivated to hasten with they greatest message they heard, is the objective of The One-Page.

So, if the service you provide isn’t bringing in money for you, check the authenticity of what it’s built on, and the clarity of the message behind it. Grasping at things you see other people successfully selling will only distract you from discovering your own value, and possibly even leave you disenchanted with the concept of working for yourself. When it comes that way you’ll be able to speak or write (whichever you’re best at) with your own measure of inspiration people can feel and get behind.

I am the Founder and Visual Brand Strategist at The BrandTUB

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