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What Does Brand Personality Mean To Someone Providing A Service?

what brand personality means
Just be yourself because everyone else is taken

Do you remember the best client you ever had? Can you recall the SPECIFICS about the experience that made the encounter ideal for both involved? What about the worst client you ever had? Do you remember WHY they weren’t a good fit? 

What did you love about that perfect client? What did they love about you? What unique set of circumstances encompassed the unideal client that hindered them from benefiting from what you have to offer? Chances are you’re unaware of these answers, but being unaware is what makes expressions like “Empowering Women”, “Inspiring Passion”, and “Taking Massive Action” meaningless. Sometimes, these words and phrases clients would use to describe what attracts and connects them to our business isn't even related to what they truly mean. So it’s necessary to understand the context being applied to what’s expressed by those you serve, as well as the reaction of those you don’t in order to have control over the experience you create by the service you provide. 

Once you have that real tangible sense of who you are, what you’re all about, and you’ve unwaveringly represented that to clients a few times, that’s when you can step back and define your personality as a brand and become more intentional with your actions, come what may.

So, are you a people pleaser?  Are you a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion? What makes you feel confident about yourself? Challenge yourself to only take into account the things you’re actually doing to help you test the authenticity of your personality.


For someone providing a coveted service, their personality is also a bona fide, distinguishable trait their ideal clients recognize as uncommon to the industry. Quite recently, a client of mine told me that she loves my ability to extract the essence of what she does because it produces artistic clarity, authenticity in how she expresses herself, and the confidence to make sound decisions for future endeavors. Initially, valuing my honesty and passion in an industry where she personally felt lacked integrity, was what she said. But, did you catch the important lesson there? The personality of your brand can have some overlap with your own personality, but, it can also be as far as the east is from the west. Moreover, without intention or thought behind what you’re doing, you can end up turning the right people off because your personality sucks!


A combination of things motivated me to invest $5000.00 TTD in an online course, without knowing the contributor or doing any research on them. And to this very day their swag is by far the biggest turn on for me. It felt like looking into a mirror and identifying with inherent traits I had no verbage for until I saw it on the outside of myself. But the confidence to say things considered shocking (to some), comes from experience, knowing who you serve best, and having the humility to be ok with others not getting your point of view or even spurning it.

I’ve seen local small business owners have a hard time developing this characteristic because they prefer the false sense of validation the numbers bring to the 4 and 5 figure payouts of a few loyal buyers. So, they’ll have great ideas that generate a lot of interest, but leave little to no impression on potential buyers to take action.

Imagine choosing to salvage an email list of 97 people who don't do business with you, over 3 who do! What’s the point of being with someone who clearly doesn’t like you when there is another who does? These are the insecurities that hinder many from lightening the load because of the illusion the  numbers give. It makes them appear more in demand than they truly are to their counterparts.

Work on your understanding of who you serve so your approach is in alignment with their needs and who they are and rid yourself of those who you distinctly waste your time on. Small business owners who sustainably reach success with the service they provide share this common thread. By this, I mean they built their brand by being themselves; doing things the way they want to do it; not by doing what everyone else does.

And should you want to attract the type of clients that will fall head over heels in love with you for who you are, having a winning personality (one that is authentic to you and set apart from what’s out there) is key. But, if you feel lost going about achieving it, simply click here  and these 20 questions will help you to begin looking in the places that can shed light on what the personality of your brand might be.

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