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What I Say When I'm Blamed For Things That Aren't My Fault!

Jump starting your memory
This Is NOT Your Web Designer’s Job!

For someone providing a service, the usefulness of their website will not only depend on the skill level of the designer, but also on how aware they are remembering the purpose behind getting the website, and how responsible they are to enforce its proper use. Now, how many people actually use the website for its intended purpose will be based on how well the business is doing offline first, and the value and consistency of the content being created by the founder.

The fact that some founders either weren’t in the best position offline to really benefit from even being online, or wouldn’t inform their clients about their website, and to top that off, aren’t even interested to learn how to effectively create focused content that supports the objective of getting a website in the first place is why local websites fail.

The 2 MOST IMPORTANT REASONS Websites In Trinidad Fail To Produce Traffic & Rank

#1. Your website isn’t a one and done.

The work of telling your clients about your website and educating them on how to use it begins after it’s built. Remember, you built the website for a specific reason. In order for your website to "make monotonous processes in your business more efficient so you’re not caught wasting time on leads that don’t convert", you have to make using your website mandatory.

Rules are a part of every organization (maybe if you saw enforcing proper use of your website that way, it might soften the blowback), they are there to maintain order, and ensure specific goals are achieved. But, when you allow clients to break them, you encourage a conduct of disrespect that will logically lead to your own disenchantment with boundaries.

Put your website address on all your marketing materials, and redirect interested parties on social media back to your website, so they can be put through your onboarding process. It's that simple! Someone's reluctance to follow your process should be a red flag that they're not the right type of client for you, instead of a scarlet letter on your priorities.

If for all your web designer’s effort discussing, planning, designing, and edifying you on the proper use of your website, you simply ignore it and as a result, don’t benefit from the investment, it’s no one’s fault but your own. But, you can certainly avoid such a costly lesson by just staying offline if this sounds like something you have a hard time with.

#2. ...Unfortunately, some folks do purchase Ferraris to only park it in their garages.

Your responsibility as a one man show (should you want to sustain what you're doing) is eliminate things you don't need to be doing so you and focus on the work you should be doing such as your absolute favorite area of work you like to do for your ideal clients, and learning which search engine (Google, YouTube, Bing or Pinterest) works for the type of service you provide and the type of content your create. Compartmentalizing time and space to do that, in part, is the responsibility of your website. If you're always doing work you can automate, or bogged down by clients who aren't a good fit you'll never have either of those things.

For example, at the beginning of December 2020 I opened a Pinterest account for my blog, and in the space of three weeks generated 556 visitors to my website each day. By January my page views jumped to 4.7 thousand people with 136 visitors each day (your ranking is affected if you're not consistent with using the platform). It's only been a month since my first report and some of my content have already been saved 7 times. It would be impossible for me to generate organic traffic for my website if “15 minutes a month, or 1/2 day each week ” is all the time I had to work with.

I know it's uncomfortable saying no (or creating boundaries) when you're desperate for money, but, you just need to benefit from saying it once to encourage a respectful awareness for you to say it often when the stakes are high. If you avoid it, you'll have no one to blame but yourself that you're not getting traffic and as a result, your ranking sucks! It’s not a web designer's job to jump-start a clients memory or to motivate them to work on their business. That’s something they should naturally have because they love what they do.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Change starts with you”? Business owners who fall victim to their same ole habits and carelessness following investing in a website are simply finding out that they are still unconverted in their ways, they're not serious about their business, and nothing will really change unless they first acknowledge that they are the hindrance to themselves and do something about it.

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