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What Is The Cost Of A Website In Trinidad?

Updated: May 22

“It will be nice to know what I’m spending my money on!”

You can easily Google the cost of a website in Trinidad and get prices ranging from $2000TTDS to $20,000TTDS. But it’s like pulling teeth trying to get a tangible sense of the ‘type of website’ these companies really specialize in building. That means for a potential customer, you’re in the dark when it comes to deciding which company is right for you! So, while your website may come in on the lower end of the #pricewars saving you some cash, it may also fail to attract your intended audience or it may not communicate the value of the service you provide because the designer doesn’t understand targeting, your industry, or if you need a product or a service website.

What’s even more frustrating about picking the right web design company is that the latter can lead you to believe that a higher price tag exempts you from such horrors and it doesn’t. If the cost of your website is based on the time it takes to develop it rather than a specific result you’ll get, that’s one way of recognizing that a larger company is just as clueless about what works for your industry online, as much as a smaller one.

It’s this uncertainty of not knowing what you’re getting for your money which makes local business owners flee to social media; that, and the fact that they probably realized that they don’t need a website to attract clients. I’ll let that sink in because it’s true! There are many profitable businesses operating without a website in Trinidad and Tobago. So that proves it! However, a website can be a very useful advertising tool for your business if your designer knows what to put in it, and I don’t mean Google ads since a survey on scare worthy websites rendered things like Google ads a major distraction to end-users. And while we’re clearing the air of the BS, let’s call these money generators what they really are – mere tactics that’s used in place of your own value to drive traffic that’s avoidable if you create your online presence around something specific about your business that people already want.

This could lead you to wonder what you’re really investing in when soliciting the design of a website from a certified web designer in Trinidad.

Well, if you’re in the local service industry and your business is small...


That means using a platform they are comfortable with, they’ll design a website according to your strategic specifications that’s optimized for sales and aesthetically pleasing with important features in place to assist with online payment, appointment scheduling and more. What they won’t do is help you to bridge the communication gap between a prospect and the service you provide. So, while you’ll get seen, because you’re simultaneously dropping the ball on making your case as to why someone should listen #metadescription, you’re likely to also get ignored.

In a case like this, if you’ve already built up a measure of credibility for your business offline and you know what your purchasing public gravitate towards as well as have an understanding of what works when communicating about it (which is important to Google by the way, but I’ll leave information on that below) then this is a web designer for you, as you can easily give direction on what you expect the finished product to look and sound like.


If your business has grown to a place where you’re thinking that you might need a website with special functionality, under the creative input of the right designer/developer, a complex design can be very captivating and quite a memorable experience for an end-user. But before you run off to make plans, let’s be a little pragmatic about your goals here. Do you want users of your site to remember and refer you because your website looks amazing or do you want the service you provide to easily come to mind when the perfect client presents themselves?

If the latter interests you, then your investment should be based on value and not a feature that’s totally unnecessary for a service-based business even if your business has grown because the value you’re providing stays the same.

I say that because clients generally think of the least viable reason to have a website, and are always surprised to learn that being online is waaaaay more than just “wanting a cool design”, “wanting to put your business online” or “wanting a client to pay you online”. Trinidad isn’t short on good web designers or developers, so anyone can give you those things. But, if the service you provide isn’t positioned in a way to instantly differentiate you, all the bells and whistles in the world will mean nothing because no one will be motivated to use them!


If you have a service-based business, you’ve been in operation for 2-3 years at the very least and you’re interested in putting your business online but you’re feeling stuck because you’re realizing that you don’t know what your purchasing public wants, or what makes you different, or you do but you don’t know how to talk about it in a way that will generate momentum to get the right people to take action online, then you’re looking for a web designer who can specifically merge branding for small service businesses, communication, and design into a beautiful but simple user friendly interface.

Furthermore, if you work full time in your business, then you also want a company that understands your stressors like running your business on social media leaves you at the mercy of needing to be available to clients all the time, which is impossible but you do that and it robs you of that personal time you secretly covet that you can use to work on other parts of your business or just hang with family or friends.  

Whether you know it or not, you’re at a point in your business where the experience you’ve acquired can be very useful in removing those obstacles by investing in a website. But, while you’re not opposed to investing in demonstrating that growth you’ve gained, you also need the investment to count because you just don’t have enough to play with yet.  

You’re right. It can be scary when you know it’s time for a change but you just don’t know where to look. Check out the success story of one just like you who focused their business online!

The benefit of focusing your business online is that it’s the first step in a series of steps that will get you to that $10,000 mark you want to be hitting monthly and everything else in between. Based on the value of your service, you’re in a better position to charge accordingly without the mental angst. And based on that price, you’re able to determine how many clients you need per day and per month as well as the ratio of your profit to pay. Even if you’re already making $10,000 a month but the steps getting there can use some clarity to improve your engagement with a client, focusing your business online will help you achieve that.

This information is useful to determine in a given week how often you need to work to reach your monthly quota and by how much you need to increase your prices to reduce the time you spend working in your business. But, there is no way to accomplish that if you’re running your business on social media, contented selling a bunch of services or compensating for not knowing any better with interesting visuals.

If you’re sensing a bit of passion in my tone it’s only because I am you! I made $21,000.00 in my first 3 months of business but it wasn’t easy because I had no focus. In fact, I was operating as the typical freelancer offering customized design services and I had no way of tracking any financial growth in my business because I didn’t plan for it. And although I got clients, because there was nothing tangible for anyone to connect with, it made connecting with the type of clients I wanted difficult. But those experiences focused, disciplined me and taught me the importance of boundaries. I was able to find the footing I needed that moved me from an unfocused to a more focused business with The One-Page Website™, I’m learning how to price my services better and because of that I also have a better grasp on what my finances are telling me to focus in on my business.

Choosing this very narrow path has helped me in so many ways and I’ve recycle each lesson differently for the clients I have gotten. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the reader, to decide which company or designer is in alignment with your true needs. And while no service is plug and play because we all have the work to do that comes behind all that strategizing, hopefully based on what you’ve read here can focus you enough, so you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

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