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Why It’s A Bad Idea To List The Services You Provide On Your Website (Pt.1)

What if you were offering business coaching for business mothers who have toddlers and are forced to run their businesses from home. Your expertise is in high demand because of your 5-day Maternal Productivity Plan — Your brand is clear. You’re selling something your customers need. Your customers can afford it, they are lining up to invest, so your website is very “enticing”. I want you to imagine what the thoughts of a potential client (who’s only interested in hiring you because of your brand) would be like, when they find that you’re really trying to sell five other things that you also offer.

What Are You Really Selling?

Listing your services on your website together with your brand is like when your radio frequency gets interrupted by other foreign frequencies, creating an inaudible, ugly sound. And I know what you’re thinking. Listing everything is a way to draw the awareness of your clients towards other things you do and you’re fearful of losing money. Correct? Well, your fear of losing money would become apparent due to the confusion you’ll create by listing your services on your website.

What do listeners immediately do when their radio frequency gets interrupted? They quickly try to re-focus the frequency or tune out. Your clients, not waiting around, trying to figure out what you really do, is that, without the re-focusing part because keeping them focused is your responsibility. So while you’re attempting to “draw awareness” without taking into account the main reason why the client tuned in, which is pretty myopic (on your part), the client is already tuning out. And you better believe, they’re not sharing nice sentiments about your “brand” behind your back.

And for those wondering about the clients asking for a list of your services or demanding that you put one on your website, ignore the latter and simply indicate the cost factor of the former 😉. Think of it as a constructive way to educate yourself on what your clients only “think” they expect.

In my experience, the client either realized they needed a different type of service or gravitated towards the value of what I initially offered.

What’s The Catch?

You’re creating a stenciled environment that allows you to deliver your best work. The beauty for a client to be able to approach your services this way is that it’s easy to remember what you do and share with others who may need that type of service.

You can even personally capitalize on the success of that, if you eventually want to follow another career path. Personally, I want to be known as the go-to person for small service business owners in Trinidad and Tobago who want to find their voice and illustrate it online. But, I have this business brand that a handful of clients know me for and I’m using it to get me there, which would be impossible to achieve, if I list everything I do on my website together with my brand.

It’s not that all these other things aren’t a part of what I do, which I believe most local business owners assume not listing your services mean (which is untrue). It just means that this (whatever “this” is) wouldn’t be the best mode of transportation towards my ultimate goal. This is what you also want to bare in mind when you put yourself online: what do I need my clients to focus on that will help me achieve whatever my personal goal is.

It’s like preparing a résumé for a specific job position. You’ll only use relevant qualifications and experiences to support why you should be considered for the job.

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