When you share your contact information with TheBrandTUB® 


Email, Addresses and Phone numbers

They all go to TheBrandTUB® CRM listing that's stored on the website courtesy WIX and shared with Mailchimp for our newsletters.   

What Your Information Is Used For

Your personal information is ONLY used to appropriately contact you when TheBrandTUB® publishes content. 

For the purpose of your web site.


Most of my clients have me purchase their domains on behalf of them. But if you have already purchased a domain and it's usable (meets the requirements of TheBrandTUB®) 

and transferring the domain to WIX then becomes an option, your domain account information is temporarily stored with me Ciji, only to facilitate this. Together with the handover of your website, all accounts and passwords are also given over.

Hosting and Business Emails

When you provide TheBrandTUB® with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order for your email suffix and hosting, we use your information for that specific reason only!

If you're wondering if you can do this part on your own, the answer is yes. But, at some point if there are technical issues I may need to access personal information in order to do my job and cut wasting time. 

You may also withdraw your consent anytime, by simply contacting us at cijishippley@thebrandtub.com or mailing us at: #15 Warden Office, Rd St Mary’s Village South Oropouche, West Indies Trinidad.

TheBrandTUB Private Policy

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