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Cover illustration for a chidlren's book

Choosing the right illustrator depends on the vision of the author. Sometimes there is no clear cut decision on the winning illustrative approach. An illustration can sometimes be approached from any direction to tell a story. But if your aim is to create a brand for yourself as a children's author, then essentially getting people interested in what you do is crucial to your success, especially when YOU'RE NEW!

Precisely why the approached to this illustration came from a moody place. Aside from the story of the main character, I also wanted to move away from those bright, cheerful pictures we know children's books for. Why? So parents can also support the purchase.


It’s not uncommon to hear parents say “don’t you have books which looks just like that at home?”  So by appealing to the child in the parents you set yourself up for better chances of getting the book in the hand of the child. And for those who it didn’t appeal to, I wanted the cover to also grab your attention in a way to make you feel something about the story and the author. To make it memorable.

Page illustrations for children's book
Page illustration for children's book

To create the element of fear vs paranoia I ventured beyond the written words of the page. At the hight of the story being told, there is a line which says, "Pat the cat, who always wears a hat, was singing the beep bop bat; and he sang…" as a result, Dat the cat heard the scat and "He thought that it was a real bat…AND HE BEGAN TO SCREAM!!!!".

Now its not written that this is a paranoid scene being painted but this is the magic of looking with your heart instead of your eyes. The writer certainly painted a vivid picture of Dat the cat. Understandably it can be quite easy getting lost in the written words and create a simple illustration but the magic of creativity is experienced when you go past all that.


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