What Is A One-Page Website?

One page websites are everywhere, but, it's important to note they are all used differently because they represent something different to each person who provides them. So, how can you tell which offer is in alignment with your needs?


Here are some basic questions I'm constantly encountering designing one-page websites for my type of clients.

About The One-Page

A What-a?

The best way to understand the context of The One-Page is to think of it like the cover of a book! It prepares the "reader" for what's inside your website, and the content of those pages guides them through an unfolding story.

When to use The One-Page™ website?

If you're anxious to get online but you're NOT currently in a position to invest in a large website or you're NOT into the DIY thing, then the one-page is perfect for you!

Is there an option to expand The One-Page™ in the future?


Is The One-Page™ a landing page?


Who is The One-Page™ for?

Orthodontists, Pedicure Technicians, Graphic Designers, Personal Chefs, Travel Planners, Hair Dressers, Seamstresses, Photographers, Electricians, Caterers and Product designers, are some of the type of clients I've designed one-page websites for.

About The Payment & Charges

How can I pay for the one-page?

You can pay for the one-page via online banking or Buzzpay.

Who is Buzzpay?

Buzzpay is a local online payment processor. Think Paypal.

Who uses Buzzpay to transact online payments?

UWI and Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business are just the noted few currently using this payment processing platform.

Does it matter that the prices are quoted in TTDS?

Costs will appear in their respective currency once viewed from their respective countries.

What are the processing fees involved in the online transaction using Buzzpay?

Currently, .45c US / $3.04 TTD and 4.5% TT of total cost.

How long does it take for the money to reach into your bank account?

When a payment is received it takes four (4) working days to be confirmed.

Why am I unable to see the cost in the "Amount to Pay*" section?

You are required to create an account with Buzzpay in order to process to send your payment. You can do so with either your Facebook account or create a Buzz account. However, should you prefer not to you can pay via online banking.

What am I unaware of when it comes to getting a website, putting my business online, and working with The BrandTUB®?

I wrote a blog about this very question. You can get your answers there.